Bidvest Namibia Fisheries

Bidvest Namibia Fisheries Holdings (Pty) Limited (Bidfish) is the holding company of the fish division of Bidvest Namibia.

Bidfish comprises of a number of dynamic subsidiaries that are engaged in various sectors of the fishing industry in Namibia offering a wide range of products which include frozen horse-mackerel, monk fish, canned pilchards, other canned products, fishmeal, fish oil and oysters. Bidfish also has shareholding in a company in Angola, which is engaged in frozen and fresh sardinella, horse-mackerel, fishmeal and fish oil.

All Bidfsh companies own and operate their own vessels in the different sectors of the industry as well as the shore based operational premises which are well suited for their needs.

Namsov Fishing Enterprises (Pty) Limited 
namsovNamsov is the main operating company of BIdfish, and has been engaged in the horse mackerel fishing industry in Namibia since 1990. NAMSOV  is a large supplier of quality horse mackerel to countries in West Africa and the SADC region where we provide high quality affordable protein to more than 2,5 million people every day. The Namsov brand is well recognised and we strive to remain the preferred supplier of quality product to said countries. We also produce high quality fishmeal and oil for markets in the Far East and Southern Africa.

» Namsov

Twafika Fishing Enterprises (Pty) Limited (Twafika)

Twafika is the holder of a Monk fishing right and the beneficiary of annual Monk quotas. This is a partnership  twafika

between Labour Investment Holdings (Pty) Limited and Namsov Fishing Enterprises (Pty) Limited.


Namibian Sea Products (Pty) Limited (Namsea)
united_fishing nsr ocean_freshUnited Fishing Enterprises (Pty) Limited, the main operating entity in the Namsea Group of Companies, is active in the inshore small pelagic fishing industry with canning, fishmeal and fish oil processing facilities. Canned pilchards and other canned products, including beans are marketed under the Ocean Fresh and Ekunde labels, which is fully owned by this proudly Namibian producer.

Tetelestai (Pty) Limited (Tetelestai)
Tetelestai is an oyster producing company based in Walvis Bay, supplying fresh and frozen oystersTetelestai_Mariculture 1

under the brand name Tetelestai to  regional markets and markets in the Far East.



trachurursTrachurus is a joint venture between Namsov Fishing, Kuiseb Fishing, Gendev Fishing, Atlantic Harvesters and Emeritus Fishing. The company is engaged in deep-sea fishing, beneficiating and processing of fish products as well as the transport and marketing thereof. It also services, charters and leases vessels with the main aim of developing of the fishing infrastructure; and to engage in any other business which may seem directly or indirectly conducive to any of the objects of the company. Namsov sold 2 of its vessels into Trachurus Fishing in order to empower the company who could not have done so on its own in 2005. This venture proofed to be successful and this company is a solid and sound business on its own at present.


Pesca Fresca Limitada (Pesca Fresca)
pescaNamsov invested in Angola in March 2008 by securing a meaningful stake l in the company Pesca Fresca. This company is engaged in the small pelagic industry, catching and processing mainly sardinella and horse-mackerel. Fresh and frozen fish is sold to the local market and fishmeal and fish oil is to be exported to the Far East and Southern Africa.