We have a diverse portfolio of businesses ranging from fishing, freight and logistics, services, products, vehicles, trading, food and distribution, and commercial interests which comprise of well recognized brands with the Namibian market. Our operating divisions employ more than 2,500 people, creating the shareholder value we report on.  We subscribe to a philosophy of transparency, accountability, integrity, excellence, innovation and accountability in all our business dealings.

We understand that people create wealth, and that companies report it.

Bidvest Namibia is committed to the highest level of ethics, integrity and corporate governance and embraces the NamCode Report. In alignment with our South Africa-based parent, we also embrace the principles established in South Africa’s King IV Report. Our directors regard good corporate governance as pivotal to delivering sustainable growth in the interest of all stakeholders. The board considers corporate governance vitally important to the success of our business and is unreservedly committed to applying the principles necessary to ensure that good governance is practised. 

Corporate governance, which is ultimately the responsibility of the board and its committees, ensures that we conduct business in a responsible, ethical and transparent manner. Senior management, through the accountable and transparent operation of our structures and systems, helps to instill a culture of compliance. Companies within the Bidvest Namibia Group operate in a decentralised and incentivised environment. In accordance with our corporate governance policy, they adopt and implement Bidvest Namibia’s policies, processes and procedures with a view to maintaining sustainable economic, social and environmental performance in the interest of all stakeholders at every level through the industries in which they operate.


Our Value System

  • Accountability to employees and shareholders
  • Business growth
  • Decentralisation
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Non-discrimination and equal opportunity
  • Fairness and honesty in stakeholder interaction
  • Respect for human dignity, human rights, social justice and environment
  • Service excellence, creating an exceptional place in which to work and do business
  • Transparency and open lines of communications


Bidvest Namibia Values

  • We are committed to conducting healthy business practices which support our company values of respect, honesty, integrity and accountability, ensuring a stable employment environment and the ongoing success of Bidvest.
  • We believe in empowering people, building relationships and improving lives. Entrepreneurship, incentivisation, decentralised management and communication are the keys.
  • We subscribe to a philosophy of transparency, excellence and innovation in all our business dealings

Management Services

Bidvest Namibia Management Services provides corporate services through which it assists operational subsidiaries by providing strategic direction, compliance, risk, sustainability reporting, investor relations support, corporate communications, Bidvest Namibia brand support, Group-wide finance and executive training and oversight.

Corporate services adds value by identifying further investment opportunities, enhancing synergies and complimenting the decentralized and entrepreneurial business model across all subsidiaries.

Bidvest Namibia Properties manages the property portfolio of Bidvest Namibia.

The group comprises the following operating divisions namely Bidvest Namibia Commercial; Bidvest Namibia Information Technology; Bidvest Namibia Fisheries. Bidvest Namibia Commercial is further subdivided into the following divisions: Automotive, Food and Distribution, Freight and Logistics, Namibia Bureau de Change, and Bidvest Namibia Commercial and industrial Services and Products.

Our operating divisions have a diverse portfolio of business and a wide spectrum of well recognised brands.