Manica Group Namibia provides freight and integrated supply chain solutions to Namibia and international companies and has been at the forefront of developments in the Namibian marine service and logistics industry since 1924.

60 Third Street, Walvis Bay

PO Box 4, Walvis Bay

00264 64 2012154

Orca Marine

Orca Marine Services was born in 2014 from a partnership between a local launch service and a local logistics group. The partnership was aimed at providing both entities with a wider scope of maritime related services. The name, Orca Marine, was carefully selected to reflect the group’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, consistent quality in customer service delivery and leadership in all things marine related.

Orca Marine Services provides dedicated launch and ship-to-shore ferry services for all types of vessels that require delivery of provisions, equipment, spares, crew transfers and other goods. With three well maintained powerful small craft vessels, we stand ready to meet all your ship-to-shore needs!

Ben Amathila Rd, Walvis Bay

PO Box 4, Walvis Bay

00264 64 201 2182

00264 64 201 2182

Rennies Transport

With a fleet of trucks and specialised equipment, Rennies Transport is able to transport and handle any type of cargo right to your doorstep.

Walvis Bay Airport Services

Walvis Bay Airport Services provides airport ground handling support at the Walvis Bay airport. It also provides hangar space, mobile sanitary removal and replenishment services to aircraft.

Woker Freight Services

Based in Walvis Bay, close to the port, Woker Freight Services provides specialised clearing and forwarding services to all types of industries including mining, retail (FMCG), infrastructure development, energy, manufacturing and construction. WFS is specifically geared for large project consignment freight requirements. WFS also boasts with a extensive portfolio of importing and exporting various types of cargo from containerised freight, break bulk as well as abnormal, hazardous and sensitive material.

Walvis Bay Stevedoring

With offices in the port Walvis Bay Stevedoring offers dedicated and professional cargo-handling services to ships’ agencies, ship owners, exporters, importers, fishing trawlers, rigs and reefer vessels. The company is well equipped with a number of forklifts, reach stackers and cranes and large skilled workforce to attend to any cargo handling challenge.

Rennies Consolidated

Rennies offers a full range of under-roof warehousing facilities, including a container depot, weigh-bridge and break-bulk storage. With more than 105,000 m2 storage space in Walvis Bay, Windhoek and Lüderitz, the Rennies facilities are ideally suited for project staging operations.

Maritime Building, Rikumbi Kandanga Dr, Walvis Bay

PO Box 4, Walvis Bay

00264 64 2012200

Ocean Liner Services

OLS is renowned for its ships’ agency representation for both liner and non-liner shipping principals. It offers husbandry services to bulk trades vessels, general cargo, tankers, research, supply vessels, oil rigs, fishing trawlers and passenger liners. Marine services include crew transfers, visa / work permit application services, car rental, travel and accommodation arrangements.

OLS also offers integrated logistics services including clearing & forwarding, warehousing, ship’s spares, stevedoring, transport, oil & gas support, bunkering and marine lubricants. We are committed to seamless logistics and port agency service for any type of vessel calling on the ports of Walvis Bay and Luderitz.

Othithiya Building, 61 Third Street, Walvis Bay

PO Box 4, Walvis Bay

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Monjasa is a Danish company that provides bunkering services worldwide. Monjasa Namibia is a joint venture between Manica and Monjasa to provide bunkering services to vessels along the west coast of Africa.

For a decade, Monjasa has been sustaining maritime trade developments in West Africa as the region’s leading physical bunker supplier.  It was one of the first regions where we set out to prove our philosophy of delivering bunkers in tough regions rather than just seeking out the mainstream ports. Our African experiences and extended know-how of operating in challenging waters laid the foundation for our global expansion.

By establishing our office in Walvis Bay, Namibia, we have taken important first steps towards positioning Monjasa as a truly local trading partner.  Facilitating our extensive physical supply operations in West Africa, Monjasa uses an afloat 120,000 DWT tanker vessel as a local storage facility. The tanker is anchored off Lomé, Togo, making this the only offshore bunker storage in all of West Africa. Two or three of our supply vessels are constantly at her side, taking on bunkers for delivery across the area.

Operating our own fleet is a crucial prerequisite for delivering on our promise of unparalleled service and reliability in the area. As a global operator of tankers, we are able to ensure that the tonnage and number of vessels is always optimised to our customers’ buying behaviour.

corner of Hafen Str and Banhof Str, Luderitz

P.O Box 97, Luderitz

00264 63 207 000

00264 81 129 4315

Luderitz Bay Shipping & Forwarding

Based in Lüderitz, the southern port of Namibia, Luderitz Bay Shipping & Forwarding (LBSF) provides clearing and forwarding, shipping, ships’ agency, bunkering and warehousing services for all types of cargo, vessels and industries.

The company was established as Luderitz Bay Shipping on 1 February 1992 by John Gillham who had gained a wealth of previous shipping experience in Cape Town. With only one other agent in Luderitz at the time, the company soon gained major clients in the region and was appointed agent for the oil company Shell.

Luderitz Bay Shipping also became the pioneers for the first containerisation of frozen foods (fish) at the port of Luderitz. In 1998, Gillham sold the majority share of LBS to Manica and the company was merged with the existing Woker Freight Services branch in Luderitz to form Luderitz Bay Shipping and Forwarding. Since then LBSF has distinguished itself as the leader in clearing and forwarding services, mining logistics, shore based logistics support and innovative solutions for Oil and Gas exploration campaigns offshore of Luderitz.

61 Hanna Mupetami Road, Walvis Bay

PO Box 4, Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay 00264 64 205 632

Windhoek 00264 61 309 805

Lüderitz 00264 63 207 000

00264 64 205 634


Lubrication Specialists

Lubrication Specialists is the premier accredited supplier of marine, mining, industrial and automotive lubricants in Namibia, on behalf of Exxon Mobil Corporation. It has strategically located warehouses in various areas of Namibia to supply lubricant products as well as automated greasing technology to all industries on time.

Lubrication Specialists was established in 1998 as a joint venture company between Exxon Mobil and Manica Group Namibia in order to compliment the re-introduction of the Mobil Brand into Southern Africa. We have various distribution centres throughout Namibia, to ensure quicker deliveries and to provide our customers with easier access to our range of Mobil lubricants.

Lubrication Specialists actively explores ways of adding value to its product sales. This includes providing lubrication services such as:

  • Benchmarking and analysis of lubricants.
  • Advice to clients on correct lubricant usage.
  • Industrial equipment and engine maintenance and servicing.
  •  Oil-spill clean-up products and assistance.
  • Automated greasing technology and equipment.

2 Third Street, Walvis Bay

P.O. Box 4, Walvis Bay

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Manica Overview Booklet 2018 (print)

Manica Group Namibia

Manica Group Namibia has a long and colourful history stretching back to 1924, and since then established itself as the premier logistics and marine services provider in Southern Africa. Manica prides itself in remaining at the forefront of innovation by offering world-class, integrated logistics solutions to our Namibian, regional and global customers.

As a group of diverse marine, freight and logistics companies, we provide every type of logistics services for all types of cargo to any destination in the world. These services can be bundled to meet the specific needs for any freight, logistics and marine service requirements or challenges. Our core services include:

  • Logistics supply chain management.
  • Clearing and Forwarding.
  • Cross border and project freight solutions.
  • Intermodal transport solutions.
  • Shipping, Imports and Exports.
  • Stevedoring (cargo discharge, loading and cargo equipment rental).
  • Warehousing (cargo storage and inventory control).
  • Industrial and Marine Lubrication products and greasing technology.
  • Airport ground handling services.
  • Project management, compliance and consolidation services.
  • Complete Oil & Gas logistics support.
  • Ships’ Agency and Chandling.
  • Crew transfers, airport shuttle, Visa applications, accommodation and travel arrangements.
  • Bunkering.
  • Recruitment, Business skills training and facilities.
  • Personnel Recruitment and payroll services.
  • Heavy lift equipment procurement and rental.
  • Launch services to ferry goods and crew to vessels in the bay.