Luderitz Bay Shipping & Forwarding

Based in Lüderitz, the southern port of Namibia, Luderitz Bay Shipping & Forwarding (LBSF) provides clearing and forwarding, shipping, ships’ agency, bunkering and warehousing services for all types of cargo, vessels and industries.

The company was established as Luderitz Bay Shipping on 1 February 1992 by John Gillham who had gained a wealth of previous shipping experience in Cape Town. With only one other agent in Luderitz at the time, the company soon gained major clients in the region and was appointed agent for the oil company Shell.

Luderitz Bay Shipping also became the pioneers for the first containerisation of frozen foods (fish) at the port of Luderitz. In 1998, Gillham sold the majority share of LBS to Manica and the company was merged with the existing Woker Freight Services branch in Luderitz to form Luderitz Bay Shipping and Forwarding. Since then LBSF has distinguished itself as the leader in clearing and forwarding services, mining logistics, shore based logistics support and innovative solutions for Oil and Gas exploration campaigns offshore of Luderitz.

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